McCormick Flavor Forecast Grilling Edition 2014
Top Trends Set to Sizzle on
Grills Revealed in
McCormick® Flavor Forecast® 2014: Grilling Edition
Fired Up Chilies and Brazilian BBQ among top trends from flavor leader
SPARKS, Md. (March 11, 2014) – The clocks have sprung forward – and an extra hour of daylight means grilling season is within reach. With warm weather on the horizon, McCormick & Company, a global leader in flavor, has released its McCormick® Grill Mates® & Lawry’s® Flavor Forecast® 2014: GRILLING EDITION. The report reveals the top flavors and trends sizzling on grills this season – stoking backyard cooks’ creativity with new recipes, how-tos and techniques.

“Our Grilling Flavor Forecast shows how global culinary trends are coming to life on America’s grills,” said Chef Kevan Vetter of the McCormick Kitchens. “For example, food lovers everywhere are seeking out their next big chile thrill. They’re stuffing jalapenos in their favorite burgers or creating quick homemade Sriracha BBQ sauces.”

“Grate” Trends
The tastiest trends from McCormick Grill Mates & Lawry’s Flavor Forecast 2014: Grilling Edition include:

  • Brazilian BBQ – Grillers are taking restaurant-style Brazilian BBQ to their backyards with wow-worthy dishes like skewered meats in zesty marinades – ensuring Latin American flair in every bite.
  • Fired Up Chilies – From chile-stuffed burgers to ribs slathered with homemade Sriracha BBQ sauces, grilling with chilies is fueling our obsession for bolder, more exciting flavors. 
  • Fiesta Inspired Cookout – Backyard entertaining is getting a Mexican makeover as grillers infuse summer staples like beer can chicken, corn on the cob and even frozen beverages with vibrant flavors.
  • Big Flavor, Small Bites – Small grills are great for saving space – and urban grillers use them to create lip-smacking bites amped up with herbs and spices, like Korean pork and s’mores-stuffed strawberries, served right off the grates.
  • Indian Expedition: Backyard Style – Grill enthusiasts are exploring the richly spiced flavors of India – adding them to appetizers, entrees and desserts for a fresh new taste. 
  • For the Love of Steak – Satisfying a steak craving doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right seasoning and simple techniques, backyard cooks are getting fantastic flavor out of affordable cuts like sirloin and flank.

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